About Kate

Kate Wooten, Certified Saddle Fitter, is based in Maryville Tennessee and offers saddle fitting throughout Tennessee and Kentucky and parts of Indiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Primarily supplying jump, all-purpose and dressage saddles from Bliss of London, she is also happy to adjust other brands and to help clients find good used saddles within their budget. Her saddle services include saddle sales, fitting, flocking, tree adjustments, some repairs, and complete strip flocks.

She graduated from an independent US-based saddle fitting school, and has done fitting training with numerous saddle manufacturers. She is qualified to work on any type of english saddle.

Originally from England, though not from a horsey family, Kate grew up with a love of horses. She has a double first class degree in Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence and worked for many years as a Research mathematician in the fields of Ambiguous Signal Processing and in the Financial sector, developing algorithms for real-time derivatives pricing. 

Kate has been in Tennessee for 16 years, and has learned to event and compete in dressage, but has no desire to go jump big things. Small things on fast ponies is about her limit.