How wide is my saddle? Part 1

We all use the terms “wide”, “medium”, “narrow” and variants of those to describe the saddle. But what do they mean, and how do you know if you need a wider or a narrower saddle? I see a lot of confusion about this. First let’s look at the part of the saddle that is directly […]

Your saddle is like a phone-charger

“I just want my horse to be comfortable, that’s the most important thing”. I get it, you want your horse to be comfortable. That really is your highest priority if you have to compromise, you can deal with whatever, if you have to, as long as he’s comfortable. Guess how many times I’ve heard that! […]

From 3 x 2, to “Does this saddle fit?”

What is 3 x 2, and does this saddle fit? Bear with me, this might be long…I’m going to ask a series of questions, and each is a different type to the previous one. We’ll build from the very simplest, and end up in a fairly complex area. Put on your philosophy hat and let’s […]


metal saddle gullet frame

Let’s talk about pinching. Here – pick up this ‘head plate’. Hold it at the top. This is very like the part of the tree that is in your saddle, at the front. It’s the thing that determines the width – whether your saddle is Narrow, Medium. Wide etc Ok, now come at me with […]

What is FLAIR?

Flair® is a system of air bags designed to replace the flocking in all conventional saddles, new or secondhand, to provide a soft, flexible and even bearing surface without pressure points.