My horse loves going in it as well.

The Loxley by bliss of London polo saddle has improved my seat so much. I can confidently say since riding in it I have felt my balance improve as well as my coordination. I also feel secure enough to reach out for the ball. I genuinely don’t have to think about it, and can just focus on my horse and hitting the ball. My horse loves going in it as well. I have noticed her shoulder movement is way more free in this saddle than any other saddle I’ve tried her in. Her top line has also improved due to the comfort of a better fit.
Tica Bengston

…choose English Saddle Fit

My experiences with English Saddle Fit have been wonderful. Kate has always taken the time to measure my horses and myself for the best saddle. She has listened to my endless questions, replied to each and every one without hesitation and has continued to support my horses and I through regular saddle checks. I have foxhunters and Eventers and also restart a few off the track thoroughbreds. Kate has set us up so each horse has the correct saddle for its body type and discipline. If you are looking for an honest person with great knowledge and a concern for your horses wellbeing, choose English Saddle Fit.
Clare Pinney

I cannot say enough good things about her…

I want to highly recommend English Saddle Fit , Kate Wooten for all your saddle needs. I have my USDF bronze and silver medal and run a boarding , training, lesson barn and show dressage. She has worked with me and my clients for the best fit and/or best saddle. She has been willing to work with all brands and work out the best options for all kinds of budgets. She has worked with finding a fit from 14 hand ponies to 18 hand warmbloods. I cannot say enough good things about her and the knowledge and ethics she displays. Give her a try you won’t regret it.
Patty Hale